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"Their rough, raucous sound influenced American rock and blues music, and won the Dinkleberries a following in both New England and the Adirondacks."
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Devious Deeds
of the Travelin' Dinkleberries

A jolly laugh thundered from atop the fire tower. An immense smile rained down upon the bewildered gypsy sons.

"I’ve been expecting you," he said, and the lads dropped to their knees. "I heard your last record, and that’s why you’re here. Seems music is in a bit of a pickle these days, and Dinkleberries, you have been chosen to set it right." He listened as his words echoed through the valleys of the Adirondacks.
"Surely this task is too much to ask of a rock and roll combo that’s lost in the past!", said Cash at last.

"You must find Dorvis Bun, and Woody DuBois,

the Berries will come, from near and from far.

Meat’s on the lam, Spill’s got the goods,

Wailin’ away on his ax in the woods.

The King, he will sing, Devo will play,

Weasel and Quarter will likely be late.

Havay and Ravi, Ringo and Gate,

will help you as well, to carry that weight.

Return to this mountain one year from today,

return to this mountain and bring the new tape.

Return to this mountain for this is your fate,

Big Eddy will grant you a wish on this date.

Now get the heck outta here, you crazy pranksters, and remember this:

I want my foots a tappin’ and my

fingers snappin’

foots a tappin’ and my

fingers snappin’. . . ."

Big Eddy then stood up and slipped his bowling glove onto his chubby left hand. With a shit-eating grin he broke wind and vanished into the clouds above. It was not the first time the Travelin’ Dinkleberries had tackled a fool’s errand, nor was it to be the last. As they began their descent, a boom of thunder shook the rocks around them. Big Eddy had thrown yet another strike! Scumby began to chant, and the others soon joined in:

"He wants his foots a tappin’ and his

fingers snappin’

foots a tappin’ and his

fingers snappin’. . . . . . . ."

bottles of beer on the wall . . .